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Nursing Services, Mississauga, Ontario

'Navigating through the Medical Maze'

Have you or a loved one recently had a diagnosis of cancer or other life-limiting illness and don't know where to start?  Your Physician has provided you with a list of necessary appointments, information about your illness, possible resources to help you through this.  Now you are home and can't remember any of this even though you can recall the conversation.  Sound familiar?  You are not alone, this happens to everyone when fear takes over, leaving you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Nurse Direct can help you clear through the murky waters to provide compassionate nursing care and efficient solutions. We can attend medical appointments, hospital discharge planning meetings,

provide medical team with pertinent information regarding health status based on nursing assessments.  We will coordinate appointments, communicate with the health care team when interventions are required and ensure necessary services are in place when required.

Nursing Services, Mississauga, Ontario

'Palliative Care'

True palliative care focuses solely on the person, their needs, and ensuring that dignity is conserved through each stage of the journey.

This does not signal that a person has

'given up' hope for a recovery.

"Hope for the best but prepare for the worst"

Each individual is unique, and each family and their dynamics are different. Diligent assessment is paramount to ensure delivery of quality care. With early intervention and specialized Professionals, an individual's quality of life can be greatly enhanced by managing pain and other distressing symptoms of a serious illness. Whether someone is undergoing active medical treatment for their illness or has chosen not to continue, Palliative care can have a positive impact on an individual and their family.

Nurse Direct can provide the necessary pain and symptom management while ensuring that the necessary team is in place using the resources of the health and allied health care teams. A registered nurse will oversee this care at all times and will augment the services you may be receiving from other Service Providers.

Nursing Services, Mississauga, Ontario

'End of Life Care'

End of life care falls under the umbrella of palliative care. Everyone should be entitled to a 'good death', however, that does not always exist for a variety of reasons.

The dying individual's wish is to maintain hopefulness, participate in decisions concerning their care, be free of pain, to have questions answered honestly, have continuing medical and nursing care, not to die alone and to die in peace and dignity.

Nurse Direct specializes in honest and open communication, compassion, finding solutions when family members don't always agree and helping those grieving family members cope with this trying experience. We will not disappear following the death of your loved one but will follow-up and suggest any services that may be helpful to you in your bereavement.

Nursing Services, Mississauga, Ontario

'Home Peritoneal Dialysis'

Are you or a loved one 'sleeping with a stranger' every night?  In the beginning this can be very strange and worrisome for anyone.  The Dialysis clinics in the GTA are well equipped to handle the training and 24 hour support to their patients. In the community, some nursing agencies have the trained staff and some don't.

Perhaps you are a caregiver and monitor your loved one's dialysis on an ongoing basis but you need to get away for a weekend, a week, or just simply a day. We can help!

Nurse Direct has the expertise nursing to monitor patient, dialysate selection, signs of peritonitis and interventions to treat, twin bag exchange and night cycler protocols. We can offer ongoing support and teaching to individuals and their caregivers.

Nursing Services, Mississauga, Ontario

'Medication Management'

As part of any of our nursing services, medication reconciliation and management is essential to quality nursing care.  There are numerous reasons why Seniors do not abide by their medication regime.  These range from mild to severe cognitive decline, dementia, financial, "can't get to the Pharmacy",  or simply "they don't want to take them".  This can add up to a great deal of worry for family members, and possibly compromise the person's health status.

There are different creative solutions to help people remember and follow their medication schedule.   Nurse Direct will use techniques to suit the individual, as what is appropriate for one may not be appropriate for another. We will confer with Physicians and Pharmacies for any discrepancies and reduce the risk of polypharmacy (too many drugs, too many sources).

Nurse Direct is a privately owned company offering specialized Home
Health Care and Health Care Navigation services.  Experienced nursing for
Palliative Care, In-Home Peritoneal Dialysis, and End-of-Life Care.
 We are committed to providing
compassionate and exemplary care to individuals and their families
in the Mississauga and South Etobicoke areas.