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Senior Support Services

Senior Support Service

'Caregiver Relief'

Juggling a career, home, kids, possibly grandkids..........parents? It may as simple as "I want to take a vacation but what do I do with Mom or Dad"  or "I can't take all this time off to take them to appointments." The Social assumption that all families are willing, able, and capable of providing care to an aging or ill parent are somewhat archaic.  Parents want their kids to be caring, not caregivers!

These demands on our time are a reality in this day and age.  We all want someone who will take care of "Mom or Dad" as we would. We feel guilty when we are not readily available to their every request. Perhaps you live in a different city and worry about their health, their safety, and their loneliness. You need to rejuvenate yourself and attend to your own needs and responsibilities but do not have enough of a support system when it comes to caring for yourself or an aging parent.

Nurse Direct can fill this gap with our Senior Support services by helping with day to day requests such as errands, driving to appointments or just simply being a companion.  You will have more time to fulfill your other responsibilities and truly enjoy the time you spend with Mom or Dad as their 'Daughter' or 'Son' and not their caregiver.

Senior Support Service

'Vibrant Seniors'

Whether a Senior is independent and not requiring help on a full time basis , they all require help from time to time in different ways. The adjustment for some having their drivers license taken away can be a devastating blow as this erodes away their independence. It is so important to acknowledge and validate these feelings while focusing on what they can still accomplish, not what they can't.

The statistics show that approximately 60% of seniors suffer some degree of depression due to pain, chronic illness and loneliness. A great number of seniors are socially isolated because they cannot get out and do the everyday simple tasks they once did. Having companionship can help increase their social interaction, improve mental state and overall physical health.  Sometimes the simple 'check-in' visits can make a tremendous difference in someone's life.

Nurse Direct can provide companionship, a drive to that golf course or simply to meet up with a friend for lunch. Whatever the wish or need may be, we acknowledge that Seniors still want to continue to do whatever they can and whenever they can. Enhancing their quality and enjoyment of life will keep seniors hanging on to their vibrancy for as long as they can.

Senior Support Service


'No Place Like Home'

Most Seniors can safely live at home with the proper supports in place. There are many wonderful caregivers to choose from to find the right fit for your personal needs.


You have finally convinced your parent or parents to sell the family home and move into a Retirement Home.  You have either completed the move yourself or used one of the many wonderful services that specialize in downsizing seniors.  The 'move' is complete, the trucks have left, your parent or parents are settled.....or so you thought!

That dreaded phone call when they tell you they don't like it there!  It takes a great deal of time and effort to get them over this transition point. 

Senior Support Services can help with individualized and unique care plans to help this happen.  Getting to know the person and what is special to them can help us, help them in making their new home...........'home'.

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